fbpx Royal Bank of Canada Foundation | Pacific Salmon Foundation

The Royal Bank of Canada Foundation (RBC) took a big step for water conservation when it announced its new grant program, the RBC Blue Water Project, in late 2007. The program will grant out $50 million over ten years to charitable initiatives that foster a culture of water stewardship. One of those initiatives included the Pacific Salmon Foundation’s eco-certification label Salmon Safe BC. RBC provided $150,000 in grants over three years to help pilot and deliver Salmon Safe BC. Originating in Oregon, the Foundation transplanted the Salmon Safe label to British Columbia to encourage BC farmers to use agricultural practices that protect Pacific salmon habitat and water quality. In 2018, RBC gave a $25,000 grant to PSF’s Salish Sea Marine Survival Project, targeting habitat restoration projects that will help ensure the survival of young salmon in local waters.