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Support Wild Salmon When you Fly Helijet!

Helijet International and the Pacific Salmon Foundation (PSF) are partnering to generate donations to help PSF fund wild salmon restoration projects in the Strait of Georgia and on Vancouver Island. The partnership will generate an annual donation based on the number of one-way flights sold on Helijet’s scheduled passenger service routes between Vancouver and Victoria, and between Vancouver and Nanaimo. The new partnership has the potential to raise $24,000 per year for wild salmon while reducing costs for critical research through in-kind contributions. 

Wild salmon in British Columbia benefit from about 35,000 volunteers called 'streamkeepers,' supported by the Pacific Salmon Foundation's  (PSF) Community Salmon Program. Streamkeepers operate community hatcheries, monitor and restore local habitat, and deliver salmon education to local schools. But, every year PSF is forced to turn away roughly half of qualified project applications due to lack of funding. With the potential to raise about $24,000 annually via this new partnership, Helijet customers will help close that gap in funding for projects around the Strait of Georgia and Vancouver Island. The best part is that grants made through the Community Salmon Program benefit from a powerful leverage ratio of roughly 7:1. Because PSF approval for projects lends a stamp of credibility that makes it far easier for applicants to source matching contributions for projects. 

The Mid-Vancouver Island Habitat Enhancment Society restores watersheds, estuaries and shorelines on Vancouver Island.

"Helijet has been a proud supporter of PSF for the last 15 years," said Danny Sitnam, president and CEO of Helijet. "Like many other British Columbians, we depend on the beauty and natural resources of BC’s coast for the longevity of our business, which is linked to the success of our fishing lodge clients and the satisfaction of their guests. If we don't do our part to help protect salmon stocks and our West Coast environment, it will impact all of us. Our company benefits from the recreational fishing sector, but doing our part to help maintain the overall well-being of coastal B.C. is also the right thing to do."

Habitat in the Strait of Georgia and Vancouver Island not only support a popular recreational fishery and the economies that depend on it, but also Chinook stocks that feed our struggling Southern Resident Killer Whales. Fortunately there is a network of stewards dotted throughout these coastal communities with expertise in their local watersheds. Since 1987, PSF has provided about $30 million in grants to more than 1,600 projects on Vancouver Island and in the Strait of Georgia. 

A component of this partnership will include use of a small helicopter for PSF salmon research and assessment activities and free transport for employees conducting PSF activities across the province. This year, Helijet was there for an egg-take in Rivers Inlet. Salmon broodstock were captured in the Kilbella and Chukwalla rivers. The eggs were flown to the Percy Walkus Hatchery in Rivers Inlet to be nurtered into salmon fry that will be released back into the river.


Helijet has been a long-term supporter of PSF fundraising galas which raise funds for community salmon projects. PSF hosts seven fundraising dinners in communities across B.C.,including: Comox, Nanaimo, Oceanside, Port Alberni, Powell River, Vancouver and Victoria. To attend an upcoming dinner in your community or become a sponsor, contact events@psf.ca or visit our event page.