The Pacific Salmon Foundation supports educational initiatives that raise the profile of Pacific salmon amongst the public in B.C. One if these projects is UNINTERRUPTED, a cinematic spectacle designed to bring the heart of BC’s Adams River into the heart of Vancouver.  This large scale public art installation will project images of the Adams River migration onto a downtown Vancouver bridge . The half-mile span will become an urban canvas evoking the story, colours and images of the Sockeye salmon.

UNINTERRUPTED will unfold for 20 - 30 minutes on evenings during the summer of 2017. Using digital mapping technology and multiple large projectors, our wild, imported river will take over the bridge and the city.  Concrete surfaces will give way to millions of salmon making their ancient, extraordinary journey home from the Pacific Ocean.

You can support this special project by donating today (please select fund designation Uninterrupted) and join a special group of benefactors and creators.