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Save Salmon

Help us raise $40,000 for wild salmon enhancement and habitat restoration projects by August 31, 2018. For every $100 you donate, you will receive one entry to win a TR3 mooching rod and reel donated by Islander Reels.$500 = five entries, $100 = one entry.

More Salmon

Enhancement refers to activities that produce more fish. The Pacific Salmon Foundation supports many small community hatcheries across British Columbia plus a wide variety of habitat restoration projects that enhance the survival of juvenile salmon and/or increase access of mature salmon to spawning areas. In a hatchery, juvenile salmon survive at higher rates than in the wild. Eggs are taken from salmon that have returned to spawn and incubated at the hatchery. After the eggs have hatched, the young salmon are moved to rearing ponds and fed for varying lengths depending on the species before being released back into streams. These activities follow the natural life cycle of each salmon species.

More Habitat

The other part of the formula is ensuring young and returning salmon have healthy habitat to grow in and spawn. PSF supports plantings that often engage schools and the community at large, and large-scale projects to add rocks, root wads and other large woody debris to channels. Since inception, the majority of the PSF’s community grants have supported enhancement and habitat restoration activities.

Here's what your donation can support!

A $500 Donation Can Buy

  • Streamkeeper education for 10 volunteers
  • 100 native plants that provide shade for growing salmon and support small aquatic insects that salmon eat
  • 100 lbs of fish food which will support about 100,000 newly emerged salmon fry for about a month
A $200 Donation Can Buy
  • 1 belt feeder to feed juvenile salmon in conservation hatcheries during the night, non-human feeding devices are important so that fish maintain fear of shadows - a vital survival instinct
  • 1 conductivity meter to monitor water quality and find sources of pollution that can impact growing and returning salmon
  • 80 tree cones to protect new plantings from being foraged by voles, mice and deer
 A $100 Donation Can Buy
  • 2 emergency transport units to help rescue stranded juvenile during summer droughts 
  • 2 adult sized harmless salmon nets to lift fish over beaver dams and other obstacles
  • 6 pairs of gumboots for streamkeepers who volunteer in streams everyday


Leveraging your donations

In 2017, PSF provided grants of more than $1 million to 69 enhancement and habitat projects across British Columbia and in the Yukon. But the actual value of these projects was more than $7.2 million. Because every dollar granted by PSF generates an additional seven dollars for projects through matching investments at the community level. That means every dollar you donate is actually seven dollars for wild salmon.  Unfortunately, PSF is unable to support many of the qualified applications submitted due to lack of funding. But you can help  by donating today to help sustain Pacific salmon, and the ecosystems and fisheries they support!