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Salmon Stamp Artists Needed

The Pacific Salmon Foundation is calling for artists to enter artwork in the 2019/2020 Salmon Conservation Stamp Art Competition. The  winning image will be selected to produce the 2019/2010 'Salmon Stamp' which must be purchased by tidal water anglers who wish to retain any species of salmon caught off the coast of B.C.

View photos from last year's competition below.

This year’s competition will be the 31st anniversary of the Salmon Conservation Stamp Art Competition and the winning image will be selected to produce the 2019/2020 stamp image. Fisheries and Oceans Canada issues the Salmon Conservation Stamp also known as 'the Salmon Stamp."

Artists are asked to read through the rules and regulations carefully before creating and submitting their artwork. The Foundation hopes to make it clear that it encourages and welcomes representational images such as First Nations art and that not all entries will include traditional habitat backgrounds.  One rule to note is that the winning artist may not enter the competition for two years following the year that they win the competition. Please download the entry form and rules and regulations here. 

Entry forms and art submissions are to be sent to:

Pacific Salmon Foundation
Attn: Christina McIntyre
Suite 300 - 1682 West 7th Avenue
Vancouver, BC  V6J 4S6
Email: cmcintyre@psf.ca
604.664.7664 ext.116

All artwork must be received at the office of Pacific Salmon Foundation by 4:00 pm on Wednesday, October 31, 2018.

The Salmon Conservation Stamp was created in 1989 to link anglers who enjoy the salmon resources with its conservation. Since 2012, 100 per cent of proceeds generated through sales of the Stamp have been directed to the Pacific Salmon Foundation by the federal government in support of the Community Salmon Program. From 1989, through 2017, the Stamp has helped raise $13.7 million in funds for over 2,000 community projects with a total value of over $120 million including additional in-kind and financial support from local communities.