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Pacific Salmon Foundation (PSF) and Fraser Basin Council joined forces in 2010 to launch Salmon-Safe BC with pioneering growers. To date, more than 40 farms and vineyards across British Columbia have achieved Salmon-Safe certification.

Salmon-Safe, which has been highly effective in Oregon and Washington for more than a decade, is an eco-certification program that encourages farmers to use agricultural practices that protect Pacific salmon habitat and water quality. Farms are evaluated by independent, professional certifiers. Once certified, farms are designated "Salmon-Safe" and receive a seal of approval to include on product packaging and marketing materials. Since the program’s inception in the United States, more than 400 farms have been certified as "Salmon-Safe" representing a total of 80,000 acres. Learn more about Salmon-Safe farm certification.

Download the Salmon-Safe BC brochure.

Download Salmon-Safe BC FAQs.

Download a List & Map of Certified Farms.

Download the Salmon-Safe farm standards.

Salmon-Safe has been piloted in British Columbia with the generous financial support of the RBC Blue Water initiative and Fraser Salmon and Watershed Program, a joint initiative of the Pacific Salmon Foundation and Fraser Basin Council. The pilot included a technical review of existing Salmon-Safe farm standards, which assessed the appropriateness of the standards within the Canadian and B.C. regulatory contexts. The standards were field-tested with 21 farms to assess both the technical and cultural fit of the standards in B.C.

For more information, please contact Costanza Testino, program manager at Pacific Salmon Foundation, 604-664-7664 (ext 118) or 604-719-7396 mobile.