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Zo Ann Morten receives gift in honour of George Hungerford award

Zo Ann Morten received a gift in honour of the George Hungerford Award

News Release
October 16, 2018

Zo Ann Morten will donate funds to volunteer streamkeeper efforts

North Vancouver: North Vancouver resident, Zo Ann Morten, is the newest recipient of the Pacific Salmon Foundation’s (PSF) George Hungerford Award. Morten has dedicated both her personal and professional life to the recovery and conservation of wild salmon with many contributions on the North Shore.

"The George Hungerford Award is named after the founding chairman of the Pacific Salmon Foundation,” said Brian Riddell, president and CEO of PSF. “The award recognizes the contributions of volunteer stream stewards, including their leadership and dedication to the cause of salmon conservation. I can’t think of a more deserving recipient."

Morten was a long-time board member with PSF and ineligible to receive the award. However, she has recently finished her term and was unanimously voted in as a recipient by PSF’s board of directors. 
Morten founded the Pacific Streamkeepers Federation in 1995 and has since served as executive director. The federation supports tens of thousands of volunteers across British Columbia by providing training and insurance, and connecting community groups with needed resources.
“The dedication, knowledge and passion of community volunteers is astonishing,” said Morten. “That’s why I’m going to donate the $10,000 to much-needed tools and resources for streamkeepers.”

The funds will support more studies of water quality and quantity in salmon habitat – a research area that will become more vital with climate change reducing water availability, and conversely causing more extreme flooding events. The funds will also support the federation’s photo monitoring of local waterways and new graphing tools to improve reporting on local conditions from streamkeeper groups.

Morten was born in the Westlynn area of North Vancouver and continues to live there.  Many of her contributions have been on the North Shore. 
In 1988, Morten helped found the Morten Creek Salmon Enhancement Project on the North Shore. The project resulted in the creation of a new salmon stream connected to Lynn Creek and a community hatchery at the site of the closed Premier Street landfill. She is also a founding member of the North Shore Streamkeepers.

Added Morten: “Streamkeepers are effective because they are operating at the local level. They are intimately involved in activities in their own watersheds and thus experts in the dynamics of that habitat. Also, they are deeply passionate because they are giving back to their own community.”


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