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January 10, 2017

Local Salmon Volunteers Receive Grants and Bursaries

VANCOUVER –   The Pacific Salmon Foundation announced today more than $31,000 for bursaries and Pacific salmon conservation projects in Prince Rupert and Terrace.  The bursaries and grants were made possible through a donation made in 2016 by TransCanada Corporation, which has donated more than $330,000 to the Foundation since 2014 for community grants, education bursaries and salmon data collection in northwest B.C.

The Foundation’s Stewardship Community Bursary Program awards students currently enrolled in their second year or later of a salmon conservation or aquatic stewardship program of study. Applicants must also demonstrate volunteer experience in environmental stewardship. Northwest Community College students Haley Crozier, Cheri Herbert and Jamie Martz received the bursaries.

“We strive to support environmental initiatives that matter most to our local communities – so we are very pleased to support educational opportunities for students who display leadership in environmental stewardship in British Columbia,” said Andrea Jalbert, Vice President of Environment, Land and Indigenous Relations at TransCanada. “Through the work of these dedicated students, TransCanada is proud to play a role in the protection of wild salmon habitat and is committed to collaborating with Pacific Salmon Foundation around the sustainability of this important resource.”

 All applicants must submit an essay as part of their application, and an excerpt from Jamie Martz’s demonstrates the kind of passion and interest in salmon that is needed to be a bursary winner:

“The plight of wild salmon is a real concern to me, and I take the work that has to be done to protect this resource seriously…I did a total of 560 hours of paid work at Oona River during the four month break from school, and due to the amount of work that needed to be done, I put in more than 15 hours of volunteer work at the end of summer before returning to school…In the past year, salmon stewardship has become an important part of my life…I anticipate a career, both professionally and voluntarily, in the stewardship of our oceans, streams and forests.”

Foundation president and CEO Dr. Brian Riddell noted that is the kind of dedication and effort that makes volunteers such a key part of the Pacific Salmon Foundation.

“Volunteers are a critical component of salmon recovery in British Columbia, and it’s important that young people get the support they need for a well-rounded educational experience that includes volunteerism,” said Dr. Riddell.  “Often-times, student volunteers bring new science and conservation methods learned in the classroom to the programs they volunteer for outside the classroom.” 

TransCanada’s contribution also underwrote grants through the Foundation’s Community Salmon Program in Terrace, New Hazelton and Smithers. The Program requires grantees to find local matching funds for Pacific salmon conservation and restoration projects. The program is funded primarily from sales of the federal government’s Salmon Conservation Stamp along with individual, business and foundation donations.



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