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Dr. Kristi Miller-Saunders heads up the team investigating salmon disease

Last year, Heart and Skeletal Muscle Inflammation Disease (HSMI) was found at a salmon farm in British Columbia through the Strategic Salmon Health Initiative. The Initiative is a partnership between the Pacific Salmon Foundation, Genome BC and Fisheries and Oceans Canada to investigate the impact of disease on wild salmon stocks.

While the basic information about the HSMI findings have been published, there are details included in a recently published scientific paper that were not part of previous media coverage.  These include:

  • a perspective on why this was not diagnosed previously;
  • the fact that the sequence of the virus is the same as found on migratory fish on the west coast of Vancouver island;
  • the fact that the disease was found on up to 90% of the sampled population and remained on the farm for almost a full year; and
  • the fact that there have been diseases with some elements in common with HSMI described in Pacific salmon in Norway, Chile, and recently Japan.

The scientific paper can be downloaded here.


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