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To learn about the economic value of freshwater fishing in B.C. check out the B.C. Freshwater Fisheries Society’s 2013 Economic Impact Report

To learn how land conservation is helping to protect salmon and the ecosystems they support, check out the Nature Trust website

Wetlands are the link between land and water, and key habitat for salmon and ducks. Learn more about wetland conservation on the Ducks Unlimited Canada website

Anglers play a key role in supporting salmon conservation in B.C. Since 2013, all proceeds from the Salmon Conservation Stamp  are directed to the Pacific Salmon Foundation for its community granting programs.

In 2013 the Foundation launched the five-year $20 million Salish Sea Marine Survival Project to restore wild Coho, Chinook and Steelhead in the Strait of Georgia and Salish Sea. Learn more about our delivery partner Seattle-based non-profit Long Live the Kings.

The Pacific Salmon Foundation partners with many non-profit partners to conserve, restore,and promote education and awareness about salmon habitat:

The Foundation’s core grant-making program supports volunteers streamkeepers that monitor, restore and conserve salmon habitat in local streams. Learn about becoming a streamkeeper on the Pacific Streamkeepers Federation’s website.

The Foundation’ s eco-certification program Salmon Safe B.C. is an expansion of a certification already successful in Oregon. Go to the Salmon Safe website to learn more about how farmers, wineries, urban land-owners and even developers are protecting salmon habitat.

Check out the Wild Salmon Centre’s new FIP Tracker to find out about the sustainability status of salmon fisheries and progress being made toward fishery improvement goals.

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