fbpx W.J.D. (John) Woodward | Pacific Salmon Foundation

John Woodward has been on the Pacific Salmon Foundation Board since the Foundation started in 1987. An avid fisherman and owner of Steelhead fishing lodge on the Bulkley River, Woodward has been pivotal to the growth of the Foundation through his strong business sense, leadership and personal investments. Through the years, Woodward has given donations to the Foundation totaling almost $160,000. In 2009, Woodward completed a longstanding term as chair of the Foundation’s board of directors. He continues to serve as chair of the Pacific Salmon Endowment Fund Society which manages $30 million endowment gifted to the Foundation by the federal government. He recently completed his mandate serving with the Pacific Salmon Forum. In his professional life, Woodward is a partner with his brother in Woodcorp Investments Ltd., a Venture Capital company which has a very diverse portfolio of Canadian held investments.