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PEETZ Outdoors Ltd. has been a long-time supporter of the Pacific Salmon Foundation, donating its unique mahogany and brass fishing reels to the Foundation's community fundraising dinners. Under new leadership in 2015, the company has announced it is stepping up its commitment in a significant way.

Supporting Volunteer Stream Keepers

Starting in 2015, PEETZ Outdoors Ltd. will donate $10 to the Pacific Salmon Foundation for every fishing reel sold. PEETZ will also be challenging its customers to match this $10 contribution at the time of purchase. It is also important to note that donations such as these to Pacific Salmon Foundation are typically leveraged/multiplied up to seven or more times because they can unlock other government and private matching programs targeted at community level projects. This means that each combined PEETZ/purchaser donation of $20 per reel can trigger $140 or more in project funding and make a real difference towards salmon habitat protection and restoration. Shop the Peetz website today for your new reel that supports salmon conservation in British Columbia and the Yukon.