fbpx Orca Spirit Adventures | Pacific Salmon Foundation

Orca Spirit Adventures was instrumental in building the whale watching industry in the region, launching the first covered whale watching vessel over 20 years ago, and has never lost sight of the need to take care of the incredible environment and wildlife that they operate in.

Orca Spirit Adventures began working with the Pacific Salmon Foundation in 2015 and have been contributing annually ever since to take action to proactively protect the coastal marine habitat. They implemented a wildlife conservation fee of $1 to each customer on June 1st, 2015 and in 2017 increased that fee to $2. This has resulted in a donation amount of $154,100 over 5 years towards PSF’s programs for restoration of salmon in the Salish Sea.

At Orca Spirit Adventures, the crew lives, breathes, and thrives on sustainability, respecting the environment, exceptional customer service, and educating guests on the water. Each tour is a unique opportunity to educate everyone that comes on board about more than just what they see. Tours open the door to discussions about conservation, history, and how everyone can make little changes that make a lasting impact. Orca Spirit Adventures prioritizes providing guests with unforgettable memories while sharing the importance of conservation and protection of the amazing wildlife and natural environment.