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John and Lauren Douglas joke that they’ve spent so much time on the water, they have “salt in their veins.”

Almost 20 years ago, after getting his feet wet as a fisherman, John started the first covered vessel whale watching company in Victoria. He met his wife Lauren, whose family operated a marine company in Port Alberni, on the job, and the rest as they say, is history.

Together, they set the industry standard for eco-tourism in the region. Focused on environmental stewardship, aboriginal engagement and wildlife education, John and Lauren never lost sight of their responsibility to the natural habitat as their crew, fleet and services expanded.

Today, Orca Spirit Adventures and sister-company Orca Spirit Marine Transport provide water-based transportation services to a wide variety of industries – from travel and tourism to entertainment, energy and beyond. With more boats, capacity and departure options than any other organization in the region, Orca Spirit is the whale watching, private charter and marine transport provider of choice to tourists, school groups, tour operators and commercial organizations alike.