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Ocean Outfitters is a 100% carbon neutral adventure tour company. Our model of restorative tourism moves far beyond the bottom-line profit motive and is based on community responsibility, environmental stewardship and carbon action. Deep respect for nature and ethical business practices are core values at Ocean Outfitters. Wildlife is more than a natural resource; our programs are a way to educate our guests through ethical viewing practices about the interconnection of natural systems, the rich biodiversity of Clayoquot Sound, and the threats facing wildlife, habitat, and indigenous culture in this globally recognized UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Our self-determined mandate demands that we go beyond education. That's why we are committed to supporting local projects and programs that effect real and measurable change in the environment around us. Preserving the integrity and biodiversity of natural areas is of paramount importance not only to the viability of Ocean Outfitters, but also the overall health and sustainability of Tofino's tourism-based economy. We are actively involved in efforts to ensure the welfare of local wolves, bears, cougars, and the wild salmon that are the foundation of Clayoquot Sound's temperate rainforest ecosystem. Our guests have the satisfaction of knowing that the majority of their trip fees go directly toward projects intended to improve the welfare of wildlife, habitat restoration, research, education and conservation.