fbpx Judy Hager | Pacific Salmon Foundation

Judy Hager has been a long-time member of the Pacific Salmon Foundation’s Major Donors Circle. Hager helped support the four-year Chilko Sockeye Smolt tagging looking at Sockeye salmon smolts during their migration to the sea from their rearing area in Chilko Lake. The study found that many of the smolts disappeared during the first few days of their migration potentially due to predators. The findings formed some of the baseline data for the Foundation’s new $20 million Salish Sea Marine Survival Project. Hager and her late husband Bob, were also major supporters of restoration efforts in the Tsolum River through extensive donations of both time and money. The Tsolum River was contaminated by 40 years of toxic run-off from an abandoned copper mine. The pollution nearly decimated the salmon populations in the Tsolum River, but the Tsolum has experienced a remarkable renewal thanks to the Hager’s support, and the efforts of the Tsolum River Restoration Society.