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Duncanby Fishing Lodge, one of the most respected salmon and halibut sports fishing destinations in BC, is now ranked as one of best in Canada. Located in Rivers Inlet, (GPS 51°24'16.63"N 127°38'43.69"W), on British Columbia’s breathtaking central coast, our guests come from all over Canada, the United States, and even Europe to experience the Duncanby difference.

Located in Rivers Inlet, Duncanby Lodge’s is the premier destination for the West Coast Angler looking for trophy chinook salmon. With a guide fleet of 12 Grady White boats ranging from 22-28 feet and a non-guided fleet of Boston Whalers, Duncanby is sure to impress both the enthusiast and die hard fisherman alike.

In addition to lodge operations, the Duncanby Team also value the time to marvel at a spectacular landscape which includes 28 miles (40km) miles of ocean and mountains leading to the headwaters of the Wannock and Kilbella Rivers.