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Win Beer and Fishing Gear, Get Your Donation Matched!
Wednesday, 09 November 2016

Support Salmon for the Future this Year-End

When you make a tax-deductible donation by December 31st, 2016 to the Pacific Salmon Foundation your donation will be matched! When you consider that at least 90 cents of every dollar donated goes directly into salmon projects - that's a good deal for salmon. What's more - you'll be entered to win a reel, rod and tackle package donated by PEETZ Outdoors or a beer fridge stocked with PSF Lager! You get one entry for every $100 donated. First name drawn gets first choice.

The reel is a PEETZ 5 Inch Mahogany & Brass Evolution Reel with one way drag.  The engraved reel face is an original design by Jason Henry Hunt, called "Orca Pod", featuring six dorsal fins in a radial pattern. The reel is paired with a 9ft med/heavy trolling rod and a PEETZ West Coast tackle page. PSF Lager is brewed by Postmark Brewing with proceeds supporting salmon projects in B.C. and the Yukon.

Volunteer citizen scientists Sechelt
Volunteers on boats are collecting key ocean data in nine interlocking areas of the Strait of Georgia through the Salish Sea Marine Survivel Project's Citizen Science Program. This is the Sechelt group.

Your donation will support research and restoration efforts through the Salish Sea Marine Survival Project . About 20 years ago, Coho, Chinook and Steelhead mysteriously declined by about 90%. This Project is the first comprehensive look at the Strait's ecosystem to figure out what caused the declines and how to fix it.  And it engages 30 different partners each with their own network of expert scientists, special equipment, labs and volunteers. In-kind contributions from these partners mean that donors to the Project can expect 4:1 leverage for every dollar donated.

This year, thanks to donors some exciting findings have come to light!
Kelp research for climate change
Volunteers with Project Watershed and Hornby Diving have partnered up with SFU researchers to find a type of kelp that is more resilient to climate change.kelp provides critical salmon habitat.

New Findings in 2016: Salish Sea Marine Survival Project

  • Heart and Skeletal Muscle Inflammation (HSMI) disease was identified on a salmon farm in British Columbia by our Strategic Salmon Health Initiative. Though not currently diagnosed in wild salmon in B.C., wild salmon with HSMI would have reduced swimming capacity and increased vulnerability to predation.
  • A community-led research and restoration project on kelp habitat has revealed that some kelp populations could be more tolerant to climate change.
  • New results are quantifying in detail the role Harbour seals play as salmon predators. (Spoiler alert – up to 60% of juvenile Coho could be lost to seal predation!)
  • Algal blooms have become a growing concern due to their harmful effects on shellfish and salmon. But new findings from the Project have noted that even non-harmful algal blooms could be having an impact. 

Thanks to donors and major contributions from the Pacific Salmon Endowment Fund, Pacific Salmon Commission Southern Endowment Fund and the Government of Canada, we have raised most of our budget. However, the Foundation needs to keep raising $450,000 annually from donations to keep the Project going at full speed, and our Year-End-Appeal is a major source of this annual support.

Your Donation Supports…

  • Analyses of tens of thousands of fish samples to conclusively determine if open-net-pen salmon farms are transferring disease to wild salmon. (Upwards of $150,000 annually)
  • Support for community stewardship partners to research and restore kelp and eelgrass habitat - vital for juvenile salmon – surrounding the Strait. (Upwards of $50,000 annually.)
  • Operation of a Citizen Science Boat for one year to collect oceanographic data and assess annual changes in the Strait of Georgia. (About $16,000 annually.)

You can make your tax-receiptable donation by December 31, 2016 online at PSF.CA or by contacting Mike Meneer or Cory Matheson at the Foundation’s Development Office at (604) 664-7664 or support@psf.ca.

And remember, every dollar donated by year-end will be matched to doubly help restore Pacific salmon in the Strait of Georgia…and keep in mind that at least 90 cents of every dollar donated to the Pacific Salmon Foundation goes to grants and programs supporting salmon restoration!

You can also track the progress of the Salish Sea Marine Survival Project at marinesurvivalproject.com.