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Support Vital Salmon Education Programs
Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Young people are the future stewards of our watersheds. Education programs about salmon and their lifecycle help inspire an ethic of conservation in students. When you purchase a 'Salmon Spawners' t-shirt, print, poster or pack of buttons from our fundrazr page your support will help these necessary education programs continue.

$2,200 = Outfitting an entire classroom with an aquarium, gravel and teaching cabinet for Salmonids in the Classroom!
This primary school program uses special aquariums for teaching that are very different from display tanks. They have open tops, are the ideal height for access by short arms and tools, and the sturdy platform provides maximum visibility on all four sides for teaching and observation. 

Salmonids in the Classroom education program

$500 or 2 Giclee Prints = Gently Down the Stream programming for 20 students

This program partners with local volunteer community groups and educators by using outdoor learning to target intermediate students. Children get to be a salmon biologist for a day and learn about salmon and their habitat. 

$40 or 1 T-shirt and 1 Poster = 1 Wooden fish and Stream of Dreams programming for one child

This program created by the Stream of Dreams Mural Society combines artwork with watershed education to teach students of all ages about their local watersheds and how to prevent pollution from entering storm drains. Upon completion, students affix their wooden ‘dreamfish’ to school fences to remind the public that all drains lead to fish habitat.

$20 or 2 Packs of Buttons and 1 Poster = 5 native plants for a raingarden
Precipitation in B.C. flows directly from parking lots and roads picking up fertilizers, pesticides, copper from brake pads and other toxins, and depositing them  directly into salmon streams. The Cougar Creek Streamkeepers Rain Garden Program engages students in building native plant gardens that naturally treat and filter water before it reaches storm drains. The program includes lessons about local watersheds, how they work, and how to protect them.