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Seal Predation on Juvenile Salmon
Tuesday, 01 December 2015

In 2015, donors supported 33 projects in the Strait of Georgia through the Salish Sea Marine Survival Project, a five-year effort to restore wild Coho and Chinook in the Strait. One project focused on the impacts of seal predation on juvenile Coho and Chinook salmon. Donate today (orange donate button, upper left) to support more projects like these. If you donate by December 31, 2015 at midnight your donation will be doubled through our matching fund. In addition, donations of $100 or more will recieve an entry to win a hand-carved First Nations artist proof reel.

Beach Seining Seals Salish Sea Marine Survival Project

20 seals were beach seined near Big Qualicum hatchery. The seals had the opportunity to feed on 40,000 recently released tagged Coho smolts. No seals were harmed during the project.

Seal experts Steve Jeffries (R) and Brian Battaile (L) anaesthesized the seals in order to outfit them with specialized tracking equipment.

The beanies and backpacks outfitted on the seals were custom made for the project. The backpacks help track seal movements. The beanies track how many juvenile salmon the seals are consuming. When a seal hauls out of the water, a signal is sent to a satellite then back down to a lab at the University of British Columbia. 

An outfitted seal heads back to marine waters for some lunch!