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"Sea Wolf" Hand-Crafted Reel
Thursday, 06 December 2018
Seawolf artisan reel front view


When you make a tax-receiptable donation of $100 or more to the Pacific Salmon Foundation you will be entered to win the Sea Wolf reel donated by PEETZ Outdoors. Also, every dollar you donate will be matched and you will be supporting volunteers who are restoring vital Chinook and salmon habitat. Read on to learn more about this special artisan reel.

Medium: Handcrafted PEETZ 5" EVO Reel, Mahogany and Brass
Edition: Limited edition of 90 reels, plus 6 Artist Proofs
Released: April of 2018

"This stunning, hand-carved fishing reel is the fourth annual limited edition release of 90 handcrafted, hand-carved reels from PEETZ. It features a circular depiction of a sea wolf, salmon, and moon (represented by abalone inlay*) by renowned Kwagiulth artist and master carver Jason Henry Hunt.

The sea wolf is a unique subspecies of grey wolf that lives primarily in the Great Bear Rainforest of British Columbia. This wolf is unique in its willingness to swim miles between islands in search of new territory and hunting grounds. There is a First Nations legend that Orca whales originated from sea wolves that remained at sea due to their hunting prowess.

The future of the sea wolf is directly connected to the health of Pacific salmon stocks, as more than 25% of its diet consists of salmon and other fish." - Marc Hoelsher, owner, PEETZ Outdoors

For more details, visit www.peetzoutdoors.com/artistseries.

*Sourced as a by-product of the sustainable New Zealand "Pāua" abalone fishery.