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Rick Bourne, President and part owner of Langara Fishing Adventures worked side by side with his partners  to pioneer the first "fly-in" sport fishing in 1985 in the remote Haida Gwaii ( Queen Charlotte Islands). He is a "Hands On" leader and has expertly taken Langara through start-up, turn around, and growth spurts.

Through Ricks Vision and strong leadership over the past 28 years Langara has grown. While starting with one small floating lodge his organization has grown to 5 lodges that participate in all types of salmon trout, and bottom fishing.

Rick has also whole heartedly supported  the Pacific Salmon Foundation since its inception in 1989.  He is also personally concerned with the survival of wild Pacific Salmon and all species of fish caught by anglers on the west coast of BC and the Haida Gwaii. Each fisherman that attends Langara contributes a conservation fee. This goes to supporting the raising of fry, fish hatcheries, river and stream clean up directly in the Haida Gwaii as well as the Pacific Coastline.

Among Ricks other interests, he has been the President of Rugby Canada for several years. Rick is married to Dana and they have a young family who play Rugby and love to fish. Many outings and weekends are spent enjoying games and fishing together. Rick holds a Bachelor of Physical Education from UBC

Langara Fishing Adventures
PSF Advisor, Recreational Sector