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Don Swoboda is semi-retired following a 39-year career in the electric utility industry in British Columbia and California including 14 years in various senior executive capacities and retiring in 1998 as senior vice president of Electrical Operations at B.C. Hydro.  In 2001, Don and two partners formed the Eaton Power Corp. which in 2004 completed the construction and operation of the Furry Creek independent run-of-river power plant along the Sea-to-Sky Highway and commenced development of a number of other similar small hydro projects in the province.  The company’s operational Furry Creek Generating Plant and other projects under development, were subsequently sold to Enmax (City of Calgary’s non-regulated electric utility business unit), whereupon, the company became largely inactive.  Don continues to offer consulting services for the electric utility industry.

Don holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in mechanical engineering from the University of British Columbia and a certificate from the Banff School of Advanced Management. Don spent much of his career responsible for the operation and maintenance of B.C. Hydro’s generation and transmission facilities across the province, including their critical interface with and impact on fisheries resources along with their protection and enhancement.  These responsibilities included responsibility for the Peace River and Columbia River Fish and Wildlife Compensation Programs and the establishment of the Bridge River/Coastal Compensation Program. All of these programs have endowment funding directed at rehabilitation/enhancement projects on river systems where B.C. Hydro has facilities.

Don’s activities in his various managerial capacities included financial accountabilities, information technology developments, human resource responsibilities, research and development leadership, long-term resource planning and acquisition, project construction, rate hearing participation and strategy development both corporate and operational.  He held directorships on a number of wholly-owned subsidiaries of B.C. Hydro and represented the corporation on several external industry professional associations.