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Brenda Gaertner joined the Pacific Salmon Foundation’s board of directors in 2015. Brenda has extensive experience advising First Nation governments on Aboriginal title and rights, modern (self) government, natural resource management and economic development.  

She was called in 1984 and has been with Mandell Pinder Barristers and Solicitors almost since its inception.  Brenda has assisted in various types of negotiated agreements and settlements, including on and off reserve projects and developments, modern self-governance and resource management, impact-benefit agreements, economic development, government to government agreements and specific claim settlements.  Brenda assisted the St’at’imc Chiefs Council reach their historic agreement with BC Hydro and the Province of British Columbia.

She provides legal, policy and negotiating advice to First Nations on small and large scale projects, including assisting in environmental assessments, consultation and regulatory processes.
Brenda was senior counsel for the First Nations Coalition in the Cohen Inquiry on Fraser River Sockeye and has represented First Nation clients before the National Energy Board and Joint Federal and Provincial Review Panels.

Brenda promotes the formation of improved working relationships between First Nations, Crown governments and business partners in a variety of ways.  
Throughout her career, Brenda has worked with Aboriginal people in their pursuit of the recognition of Aboriginal title and rights to healthy fisheries and aquatic resources, helping to find ways to ensure that those fisheries and resources are sustained for present and future generations.  She has a long history of working with First Nation communities along the migratory route of Fraser Salmon, including both the coastal and in-river fisheries.  Brenda cares about these fisheries and the ecosystems upon which they rely, and is excited to be working with First Nations who are actively pursuing land and marine use plans within their territories. With the growing role of First Nations in stewarding and managing our fisheries, Brenda is a valuable addition to the Foundation’s Board of Directors. 


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