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Win a Reel, Support Wild Salmon

This year we're asking donors to join us in restoring a wild Coho and Chinook fishery in the Strait of Georgia through the Salish Sea Marine Survival Project. In the last twenty years, these fisheries have seen declines of 90% taking with them a $750 million annual economy for surrounding communities. If you donate by December 31st at midnight, your tax-receiptable donation will be doubled through our matching fund! Furthermore, for every $100 you donate, you will recieve one entry to win an artist proof reel hand-carved by Kwagiulth master carver Jason Henry Hunt

Partnering for 'Reel Change' with PEETZ Outdoors

In 2015, Peetz Outdoors announced thier new 'Reel Change' program, where Peetz will donate $10 from every reel sold via its website at to the Pacific Salmon Foundation. Customers are also encouraged to match the donation for a total $20 per reel. Community partners of the Foundation who will benefit from the program have the ability to leverage donations up to seven-fold  by sourcing other government and private matching programs targeted at  community level projects.  That means your new reel could generate up to $140 for community-led salmon conservation! Buy your reel today and support salmon in British Columbia.

Community Salmon Program

The Community Salmon Program funds volunteer community-led salmon conservation projects. Volunteers operate hatcheries, run classroom education programs and volunteer thousands of hours restoring and monitoring salmon habitat. On average, local communities raise $7 for every $1 granted through the program. Since 1989, the program has restored more than 1.1 million square meters of stream habitat and engaged 35,000 volunteers across B.C.

Salish Sea Marine Survival Project

The Strait of Georgia recreational fishery once generated about $750 million for local communities, but literally disappeared between 1993-95. Now recent catches of Chinook and Colo are less than one-tenth of past levels.

Twenty years is long enough.

Learn about the $20 million Salish Sea Marine Survival Project to restore Chinook and Coho in the Strait of Georgia and Salish Sea.



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