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Wild BC Pink Salmon With Tartar Sauce

Provided by: Robert Clark

Executive Chef of C Restaurant, Nu Restaurant and Raincity Grill

Vancouver, BC Canada

Wild Pink Salmon With Tartar Sauce Recpe

Wild BC Chum Salmon with Soy Wassabi Glaze

Provided by: Karen Barnaby

Executive Chef of The Fish House in Stanley Park

Vancouver, BC Canada

Wild Salmon Recipe

Cedar Planked Wild BC Spring Salmon with Whiskey-Maple Glaze

Provided by: Ron Shewchuk

International Barbeque Champion and Cookbook Author

North Vancouver, BC Canada

Recipe adapted from PLANKING SECRETS – How To Grill With Wooden Planks For Unbeatable Barbeque Flavor 2006 by Ron Shewchuk, published by Whitecap Books.

Wild BC Salmon Recipe

Bake Wild BC Sockeye Salmon Stuffed with Fresh Basil and Fennel

Provided by: Edward Tuson and Sinclair Philip

Chef and Inn Keeper of Sooke Harbour House

Sooke, Vancouver Island, BC Canada

Wild BC Sockeye Salmon Recipe


Smoked Salmon Wraps

By: Heidi Reynolds

Smoked Salmon Wrap Recipe

Herb Mustard Salmon

by Debbie Dobrilla

Delicious Pacific salmon ,dressed up with a delicate herb mustard sauce. This dish is ideal for casual enteratining and takes only minutes to prepare in teh microwave. Wonderful with a melange of garden vegeatbles.

herbed salmon and mustard recipe

Barbecued Salmon Fillets

By Ron Benedet

Perfect for barbecue lovers without a barbecue. The secret's in the sauce. Great served with parslied potatoes and a fresh green salad.

BBQ Salmon Fillet recipe

Salmon Teriyaki

By Mike Medenwaldt

A favorite for all seasons, this recipe can be prepared on the barbeque or stove top.

Salmon Teriyaki Recipe

Salmon Chowder Recipe

Here's a great salmon recipe for rainy days. Enjoy!

Salmon Chowder Recipe

Cedar Plank Salmon

By Robert Clifton

Baked on a cedar plank, this original recipe is steeped in flavour and aroma...a true taste of British Columbia. The plank should be a little longer and wider than the fillet.

Cedar Plank Salmon Recipe