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Join PSF for the 20th Annual Oceanside Dinner/Dance & Auction!

Join PSF for the 20th Annual Oceanside Dinner/Dance & Auction on Saturday, January 25th, 2020 at the Qualicum Beach Civic Centre. Click the link below for more information on this event, as well as our other exciting events planned for the upcoming year! 

SSHI discovers three new salmon viruses

New research from the Strategic Salmon Health Initiative (a joint effort of PSF, DFO and GenomeBC) was published September 3 in the online journal eLife. Three newly discovered viruses—including one from a group of viruses never before shown to infect fish—have been found in Chinook and sockeye salmon populations of concern. The impact of these viruses on salmon health isn’t yet known, but we do know that two of the viruses impact the same tissues in salmon as other species, and cause serious diseases in those species. Of note, two of the three viruses were found in wild salmon, one was observed in hatchery facilities and all three were associated with Chinook aquaculture. The paper raises questions about whether these viruses are contributing to declines in wild Chinook and sockeye stocks. Further research is required to understand the full implications of these findings.

$5 Million Announced for PSF Salmon Projects

Today (May 16) the Government of British Columbia announced a $5 Million contribution to support our work during the next five years.  The Pacific Salmon Foundation commends Premier John Horgan and the B.C. Government for making wild salmon restoration a provincial priority. Read our CEO's message for more on how we plan to use the funds.



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